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Time Flies, suddenly GECEN company has gone through a journey of 20 years. At 20th, October of 2018, GECEN company was held a 20th years' Anniversary celebration at Zhuhai. This is a very significant day for GECEN. Many of our customers from overseas and domestic, most of our suppliers, and all GECEN staff gather together to celebrate GECEN 20th years' Anniversary.We extend our thanks to all the business partners and suppliers who keep long-term cooperation with us.

GECEN was founded in 1998. At the beginning, there were only few people,  then step by step, we became a well-known company in the satellite tv and cable tv market. We got many patents of our LNB, SATELLITE FINDER, MULTISWITCH, DISEQC SWITCH, SET TOP BOX, SPLITTER etc. We got a large market share in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Europe, and South America etc..Now our brand name GECEN has become a well-known brand in the international industry!Now we have more than 600 staff, and Gecen has been successfully listed on the mainland three new board in China! Now our new modernized factory is poised to break ground!All the achievements cannot make without GECEN people's efforts, and the right leadeship of our boss Mr. Jack Liang.

We took a photo of our president Mr. Jack Liang, GM Ms. Yang and all GECEN staff together.

All customers and suppliers came to visit GECEN company at the day.

Sales director Mr. Tiger Zhang took all our customers to visit our production lines and our new factory area.

We held a meeting with all our suppliers at the afternoon.

At the same time, we also held a afternoon tea meeting with all our overseas customers.

President Mr. Jack Liang, GM Ms. Yang and all our senior managers took photos with all our customers together.

The anniversary celebration party was started at the 5:30 afternoon. Our GM Ms. Yang on behalf of GECEN company to give a opening speech to welcome all the guests.

The president Mr. Jack Liang gave a speech to review the developing process of GECEN company, and summarize the past of GECEN.

Looking to the future, GECEN wants to become the most excellent manufacturer of the SATELLITE TV, CABLE TV, HDMI NETWORK and WIRELESS  TRANSMISSION products.

Mr. He, on behalf of our suppliers to give a speech to congratulate GECEN 20 years achievements.

Mr. Hossain, on be half of our customers to give a speech to congratulate GECEN 20 years achievements as well, he also gave the best wishes to GECEN for the future.

Our engineer Mr. Chen, on behalf of our R&D team to thank the platform that GECEN gave to everyone whom is hard-working.

Ten excellent staff got their Excellent Employee Award.

Around 19:30, the celebration dinner and party started. Our workers sang THE SONG OF GECEN.

Gecen staff show their different kind of performance.

GECEN 20th years anniversary party come to a successful end. We hope all our guests had enjoyed the specical day, and we believe that GECEN will have another and another 20 years!!!