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Zhuhai Gecen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Information

Zhuhai Gecen intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd, which is a well-known brand in OTT Boxes industry with more than 20 years experiences.At present, we have our own leading core technology and the capability of sustainable research and development.We have a strong R&D capacity and modernized production facilities, our turnover is increasing geometrically in recent years due to mature technology, very high quality products and strong market response ability. Covering 27,000 Square Meters; Over 70 engineers of software and hardware; More than 500 workers on production line, can supply the output 1000000 devices monthly.; 12 SMT lines to come out the motherboard, aging room, production line, warehouse, testing and repairing equipment;

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Zhuhai Gecen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


our products are taking a large percentage in Middle East, Southeast Asia and Americas market rapidly which makes Gecen become one of the outstanding manufacturers in this field among the world. We can offer you customized service for both hardware and software of OTT TV box so that you can get much more competitive price and functions in your market;

Besides tv box, smart home product are also our main market. We are so many big brand Companies box and smart home product supplier.We continue to grow our partnerships with many trusted names in the areas of OTT Boxes ,Android TV Boxes and IPTV etc.


Overall Test

* Workshop equips with 12 test machine

Each assembled of TV box is required to pass the internal professional running test to ensure that there are no quality problems both inside the components and outside, and to ensure a best product quality before shipping Including (boot, Power Indicator (LED), remote control, TF/SD reader, USB port, Music, Media, Photo, AV/HDMI port, Barcode, software version, product packaging and so on).

Reliable Manufacturing & Laboratory

SMT Production Line GKG-G5 Printing Machine

SMT Production Line GKG-G5 Printing Machine

SMT Production LinePanasonic NM-EJM6D Printing Machine

SMT Production Line
Panasonic NM-EJM6D Printing Machine

SMT ProductionLine Mairay MR-1200-1I Reflow Welder

SMT Production
Line Mairay MR-1200-1I Reflow Welder

PCBA4 AOI Tester

PCBA4 AOI Tester

X-ray ST100 X Scenograph

X-ray ST100 X Scenograph

Test Equipment

Test Equipment

Overall Test System

The industry-specific and unique intelligent detection system facilitates the rapid and efficient detection of products and ensures that all important parts of the product have been tested.

Contact Us

Tel.: +86 756 229 3151

Mob.: +86 138 0980 6615

E-mail: gecenhd8@gecenhd.com

Skype: karenofm

WhatsApp: +86 15089199869


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