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Android Boxes Performance Consideration

November 17, 2021

The requirements for TV clarity are getting higher and higher, and many TVs also provide HDMI HD interfaces. In terms of hardware, many box products can already meet the needs in this area, but different manufacturers and TV source cooperation agencies are different, and there are great differences in HD storage and technology. The following is a suggested article to tell you about the purchase of Android boxes.

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Hardware configuration

Like our mobile computers, hardware configuration is also an important indicator, the number of CPU cores from single-core, dual-core to quad-core step by step upgrade, memory capacity from 256 to 1G to 2G is also gradually increased. Theoretically, of course, the higher the order of magnitude the better, because this can keep up with the speed of development, the machine will not be eliminated, but the same should be considered cost-effective.

Operating system

Currently, most of the boxes available in China are Android, and Android is a relatively powerful and versatile operating system. Many manufacturers are based on the Android system for their own UI optimization, so we should focus on the operating system a point is the optimization of different manufacturers of their own UI, whether the operation is convenient, whether the system runs smoothly and so on.

Expanded functions

Although the most important feature for Android set-top boxes is their ability to play HD content, some of the expanded features provided by the set-top box, such as whether the set-top box supports hard disk playback, whether it supports LAN function, whether it can browse pictures, browse websites, etc., are also factors we should consider when purchasing.

Firmware upgrade capability

HD network set-top box hardware technology is very mature, but there is still room for further improvement of software, especially the powerful compatibility and expandability of network set-top boxes, which can be realized through firmware upgrade. Therefore, in the selection of firmware upgrade ability is still very necessary to consider, also need you to buy the product is not to support a certain function, also need to be resolved through firmware upgrade, some product failure can also be given through firmware upgrade to solve.

After-sales service

Android set-top box as a new product, under the pressure of market competition, the chip, software and hardware development speed is extremely fast, it is difficult to avoid problems, so the after-sales service is extremely important. How to make up for the inherent shortcomings of the product through after-sales service, improve customer satisfaction, reputation and brand fidelity, and then build up the reputation of the product and enhance the value of the brand is a problem that every player manufacturer should seriously think about.

The most important thing is to choose a regular store to buy, pay attention to the quality assurance of the product, and refer to the above-mentioned purchase tips to avoid buying counterfeit products. You can contact GECEN to get the quote, in addition to TV boxes, smart home products are also our main market. We are a supplier of boxes and smart home products to many big brand companies. We continue to partner with many trusted brands in OTT boxes, Android TV boxes and IPTV.

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